“A graduate with a work-limiting disability in the UK is more likely to want work than an unqualified person with no disability.”
Service Overview

Absence management is a broad term that represents a wide range of employee absences that occur within the workplace. If the absence is deemed culpable the employee is disciplined through performance management. However if the root cause of absence is identified to be medically based the employer is challenged to address the medical issues often times without a process to manage the issue from onset to conclusion.

Loose ends prevail and solutions are often out of reach for management and HR, resulting in a perception of poor leadership amongst employees. In reality medically based absences are mismanaged due to weak policies and procedures that cannot consistently and objectively handle such issues from onset to conclusion.

PDM identifies the gaps in your accommodation policies and helps you implement a structured process that will address medically identified absences. As an objective third party PDM can collect critical medical information to determine the existence of a bona fide medical condition. If a bona fide medical condition is confirmed PDM will facilitate the employer's ability to determine if accommodations can be implemented to allow the employee to mitigate the condition while meeting employment expectations, specific to the essential duties of the job.

PDM offers the following:

If an accommodation is approved, time parameters are set, expectations of improved attendance is expected, the employee is expected to mitigate his/her medical condition during the approved accommodation period. All key stakeholders are expected to honor the terms of the accommodations throughout its duration. PDM helps employers develop a process, identify each role and subsequent responsibilities through a process to be consistently followed by all parties across all business units.

By adopting an accommodation program/process that specifically addresses medically based absences employers' project confidence and fairness in managing these issues to all employees. We find those who do have a bona fide medical condition and use the accommodation program to improve their condition remain committed to the employer. The employer is able to retain valued employees by demonstrating fair practices without prejudice.