“In 2000, US spent $83.1 billion for costs associated with depression & $63.1 billion on costs associated with anxiety disorders.”
Service Overview

Our audit and consulting services are designed to help identify the gaps in existing Disability Management & Accommodation (DM&A) process and policies to effectively manage non occupational absences due to medical illness or injury across all business units of your organization. The assessment can be as simple or as complex as required based on an employer's needs.

Auditing: Understanding Existing DM&A Policies and Practices

We work with you and assess existing documentation, practices and systems based on the following steps:

Consulting: Recommending Changes based on what we learned

Define the existing gaps and recommend solutions to facilitate improved management of non occupational absences across all business units work with HR and management to develop and implement tools to support the DM&A process and ensure consistency in its application

Simply put... we plan and implement a step by step process from onset of reported illness, to the successful return to work and restoration of a productive and balanced workplace.