“In 2000, US spent $83.1 billion for costs associated with depression & $63.1 billion on costs associated with anxiety disorders.”
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Cover for Policies and Procedures

Disability Management & Accommodation Program Manual

The manual and its policies form the backbone of a disability management, accommodation and absence management strategy. It helps guide key stakeholders such as the employees (union & non-unionized), management, medical and legal stakeholders in the process of non-occupational absences in the workplace. 


Sick Leave PolicyAttendance and Sick Leave Policy

Many organizations have such a process in place but often the details, the forms, the process are not well defined; this coupled with and a lack of communication, misinterpreting their purpose and their inconsistent application among business units allows typical absences to spiral into more complex costly cases.


We work with employers in one of three ways.

  1. We work with the Human Resource department to review and strengthen existing protocols and policies and determine when and where our expertise is bested suited to address complex cases.

  2. We also implement a customized set of policies and procedures unique to an organization. This includes an investigation of existing protocols, audit the disability and accommodation process and creating plan to implement and educate key stakeholders on the roles & responsibilities.

  3. We also offer our policy and procedure manual which can be purchased outright - including all the forms and templates for absence and accommodation management. The manual includes clear and consistent guidelines for navigating all the steps in a case, from the simplest to the most complex.

As a third-party provider we are in a unique position. We can communicate with all the key stakeholders, respecting privacy while engaging the employee and medical experts in a process that can determine the root cause of the absences and have them addressed so the employee can return to a productive workplace sooner and minimize the cycle of absences in the workplace.

We also offer on-site support and education for all key stakeholders including employees and management when the policies are implemented to ensure the consistent understanding and implementation of policies and procedures. We focus on the guidelines for managing the process for both parties and underscore the benefits of healthy workplace.