“At least 1.5 million part time disabled workers are working below their potential.”
Ergonomic Assessments

We work with employers to implement ergonomics assessments across Canada. Our experience in conducting ergonomic assessments ranges from physical labour in warehouse or manufacturing workplaces to office settings. All of these workplaces have the potential for MSD hazards.

We also incorporate ergonomic assessments for employee returning to work from a medical absence with residual symptoms to promote comfort and safety while executing the essential duties of the job.

PDM ergonomic assessments include an in-depth, quantitative assessment of MSD Hazards, using the NIOSH lifting equation and/or Snook tables for manual handling tasks. On-site correction will occur if inappropriate body mechanics are observed .) Our on-staff ergonomist has a Master's Degree in Physiology and Biomedical Engineering. Is a Certified Kinesiologist and is a Certified Personal Trainer with more than 15 years experience.

During the on-site assessment the following will occur:

Ergonomic Report: A full report will be provided to the client identifying MSD hazards and solutions to minimize risk of MSD (will entail educational instruction of proper body mechanics, recommended stretches/breaks, solution sourcing of tools not on-site and/or if on-site ensure tools are utilized by employees). A comprehensive ergonomic report of the findings (using the NIOSH lifting equation and/or Snook tables) with photographs and recommendations to eliminate or control MSD hazards of the areas of concern identified in the MOL report, including administrative and engineering controls will be provided.