“Between 2000 and 2020 the numbers of over - 55s in the labour force in the US will increase 50%, from 13% of the total labour force to 20%.”
Service Overview

We Address the Issues... and the Process

Legislative mandates which rightfully protect the employee's privacy of information, particularly medical, limit the employer's ability to sort out the underlying issues of the disability and strategize solutions for both parties. Our integration into the process assists employers in managing absence and disability in the workplace.

As an objective third party, PDM is able to collect and distribute the essential information amongst all key stakeholders to support all HR initiatives relating to managing absence due to illness and injury from onset to conclusion.

PDM is able to research and analyze influencing factors in a disability case and provide a global overview of the causes. With this knowledge we can effectively communicate with the employee, employer and physician through the Disability Management and Accommodations (DM&A) process - ensuring each fulfills their role and responsibility in the process.

Cases referred to PDM for management are handled in a consistent fashion. We work with the employer to identify gaps in the DM&A process. We then address unique individual issues and set up policies and procedures to ensure a more streamlined and consistent implementation process, ultimately designed to reduce similar future occurrences.

PDM provides its clients with ongoing reporting, including: detailed costs related to each case and the status of where each cases stands at any given time over the life of the file.