“In 2000, US spent $83.1 billion for costs associated with depression & $63.1 billion on costs associated with anxiety disorders.”
Service Overview

PDM has the experience to act as a disability management resource for insurers dealing with special cases; where disability management has languished for a block of the insurer's business; or where the insurer is being inundated by new claims. We work with the insurer to assess files on a contract basis to screen for possible rehabilitation initiatives especially for those claimants, who have been or are likely to remain for a prolonged period on disability benefits.

Disability Management Consulting Services includes:

Transferable Skills Assessments & Labour Market Surveys

PDM offers vocational evaluations and transferable skills to assist in identifying alternative occupations for employees unable to resume their own job. This tool is critical to developing return to work plans with a focus. We extend this service by conducting labour market research (when requested or required) to ensure fair remuneration is possible when making a transition to another occupation. PDM also offers Skills Training as a focused, proactive approach in assisting employees with their transition into the work force, providing effective tools for them to competitively succeed. This provide employees with education, tools and resources to compete for employment in the market place when seeking employment

Exercise Programs

PDM's kinesiologist custom designs and implements exercise programs for employee's to help build endurance and tolerance. The exercise program is not only meant to service as a step to facilitate a return to work and improve function in the workplace it is also meant to increase health awareness for individual's to make life changes to improve overall health!

Expert Legal Opinions

PDM's qualified senior staff is able to offer expertise on litigation files needing opinions relative to disability issues.

Referral Services

PDM has developed a comprehensive resource network of complementary services to access expertise necessary in removing barriers and moving forward in the disability process. These services include: Independent Medical Evaluations, Functional Abilities Evaluations, and Work Hardening.